Words are my main vehicle of expression. They drive me more than I drive them at times! It's been a lifelong passion and struggle, but I have finally arrived at my destination, where I have some interesting stories to tell. Regardless of being traditionally published or indie published or both, readers can always find me here at KitDaven.com, my home away from home. At the moment the gear stick is pointed at dark fiction and weird fantasy. With time, expect more genres to be added. In the meantime, come in and have a look around! And thanks for visiting. Kit

Current Fiction

The Forgotten Gemstone

Share The Forgotten Gemstone True nature is impossible to forget. Ule is Xiinisi, a race of trans-dimensional world builders. Shunned by her peers and spurned by a love interest, she retreats into Elish, a model 24-60-60 planet she built during her childhood to provide escape and entertainment while being incarcerated. Dismayed by the ill turn […]

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Spider Spun

ShareSPIDER SPUN Izzy Idris is unhappily married and suspects her husband and best friend are having an affair. As she deals with her suspicions, Izzy also finds herself battling a spider in the basement laundry room of her house. No matter how often she thinks she kills it, the spider keeps coming back… and every […]

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The Cannibal’s Handbook

ShareTHE CANNIBAL’S HANDBOOK In this dystopic tale set in a world where the food supply has been destroyed by The Storms, old Laurie imparts her wisdom about her special way of killing cannibals to her young companion. Oddly she knows quite a bit about the wiindigoo for someone who claims to have never eaten people. […]

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