2018 Stumbles in Drunk and Disoriented

I’ve had better starts to the New Year, and I really hope that what has transpired so far this year is simply a bad hangover and not a taster of what’s to come.

Over the holidays, I picked up a flu bug that took its sweet time manifesting into full on bronchitis. Although I lost a couple days of writing, I’m bouncing back fairly quickly and my lungs feel like they’re clearing up on their own. Yay for a strong immune system!

Also, over the holidays, while purging old files and updating accounts, I noticed my Update Email List suddenly had 300+ new subscribers. Under normal circumstances, I’d be over the moon. However, I quickly learned that most of the new addresses were Russian and were accompanied by Russian script. They were spam. After carefully combing through the list and deleting them all, even with the defunct addresses automatically cleared out by MailChimp and a few unsubscribes, the list has seen some growth in the past few months of last year. And by the way, if you receive any strange emails from me, please let me know.

Finally, in the process of planning a slew of events to attend next year, I’ve had to let go of a couple of events so far—one for being defunct as of this year and another due to scheduling conflicts with another event. Factor in that I’m about two months behind in my schedule on The Starry Rise, and now I’m not so inclined to do a bunch of events this year. Finishing the final volume in A Xiinisi Trilogy for the summer is my first and only priority now. The good news is that this goal is still doable.

I know none of this is terrible. None of it is dramatic. It’s mostly like I said before, a bad hangover. This too shall pass.




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