75% Discount on The Forgotten Gemstone at Smashwords

From JTFG-CS-rebranduly 1 – July 31, I’m offering a 75% discount on the digital edition of The Forgotten Gemstone through Smashwords, your one stop shop for ebooks.

If you’ve sampled this book and would like to read more, July’s the time to get your copy for the cost of a cup of coffee.

Take a break from wizards and dragons, and read this science fiction / fantasy tale about a transdimensional world builder who finds herself trapped in a world where she encounters among its varied inhabitants an unexpected phenomenon–a cactus demon.

Just click on here to go to the Smashwords product page for The Forgotten Gemstone, and enter the discount coupon of SSW75 at the checkout to purchase your very own copy for $1 (US).

To check out other Smashwords authors participating in this promotion, please click here to visit their July Summer/Winter Sale catalogue page.




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