A Basic Website Up and Running…

In all my years of putting together websites, either directly coding with HTML or navigating WordPress Themes and their stylesheets, I usually am quite slick at getting something decent together in a short amount of time. Not this time! I’ll tell you, the past couple of weeks has been frustrating. First, for finding the time to work on the website; then, once I’ve found it, making one mistake or poor decision after another.

I am pleased to say that I have a very basic new website up and running. What’s interesting about this one is that I tried to be flexible with my aesthetics in exchange for functionality, and I’ll tell you, giving up some of the artsy flourishes was tough. As simple as the new website looks (for now  😉 ), this theme has some power behind it.

Some of the features that haven’t been engaged yet include slider banners as well as a featured post/page section. In addition, the website is 100% fluid and will adapt to any size monitor on a laptop or mobile device. It is also e-commerce friendly, should I decide to sell directly from my website in the future.

For now it is uncluttered, but I do plan to rebuild links to excerpts from my books, articles about the Xiinisi storyverse, as well as add a progress bar showing my new words written on The Starry Rise. When I do add a new feature, I’ll let you know.

Next on my list to tackle, is a better personal biography. Still can’t get a handle on that just yet.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear any feedback you may have. Be sure to post your comments below.

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