A Few New Events Coming Up!

September trundles along, and a glimpse at the calendar indicates that in less than a couple of weeks, I’ll be engaging in several events that will occur on the last weekend in September and the first weekend in October. To all the organizers of these upcoming events, I will do my best to promote you!

Modus Vivendi Group Art Show (Cambridge)
September 15 – November 7, 2016
Reception: September 15

For those who missed getting out to the reception of for the art show Depiction at Gallery M last month, copies of The Other Castle will be available at the upcoming art show Modus Vivendi.

Hespeler Gothic Weekend (Cambridge)
September 23 -24, 2016

In this event, I will be splitting my focus between promoting my writing on Friday and promoting my clothing designs and some of Sean Chappell’s smaller prints on Saturday.

Sept 23 (Fri): Poetry Reading at Creme Cafe
Sept 24 (Sat): Goth Fest at Black Orchid Designs

Cambridge Artist Studio Tour & Sale 2016 (Cambridge)
September 24-25, 2016

If you need a strong dose of surreal artwork, drop by our open house to chat with Sean. You can find both The Forgotten Gemstone and The Other Castle there, and I will be there in person on September 25th if you’d like a signed copy or want to chat.

DarkCon (Kitchener)
October 1, 2016

Sean and I will be exhibitors at this local convention dedicated to Canadian horror, sci-fi, thriller and fantasy, supporting local, independent film, tv and art. It’s our first time at this convention, which is being held in association with the 5th annual Waterloo Zombie Walk.

That’s all for now. Just thinking about it all… makes me wish I was a cat.


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