A GDPR-Friendly Privacy Policy

As I take a much needed break from The Starry Rise, I have started tending to all those tasks I’ve pushed aside over the past ten months. One item in particular, which has been sitting on my master To Do list for almost two years now, has been to write up a privacy policy for my website. Even though all my books are linked to other merchants, I do collect names and email addresses for my email list.

Thanks to the guidelines offered by WordPress, Mailchimp, and the privacy policies on a few other author websites, I’ve put together my own GDPR-friendly privacy policy in compliance with the European Union regulation, which you can read by clicking here, if you’re into reading those sorts of things.

And according to the Mailchimp guidelines, I must also get consent from my current email subscribers. I sent out the request for consent email yesterday, so if you know you’ve subscribed but haven’t received this email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

If you haven’t signed up to my email list yet but would like to, please click Subscribe to Kit’s Blog and Newsletter!, which will take you to a new page.

If you have any questions about any of this or run into any problems, please contact me.

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