A New Edition of The Cannibal’s Handbook

On the heals of the release of The Starry Rise, I’m pleased to announce the new and improved edition of The Cannibal’s Handbook.

In this new edition, under the editorial guidance of author Sèphera Girón, the story of Laurie and her young companion has expanded by about 500 words and has a nice polish to the prose now. (BTW, I love working with Sèphera!)

In this edition, I stretched my artistic abilities and created a couple of digital collage illustrations to enhance the mood and tone of the story.

The ebook edition is available through many online merchants. Click here to choose your merchant of choice.

The print editions are a little more difficult to come by. If you’re in the Kitchener area, you can buy your copy at Studio Comix in the Frederick Mall.

Otherwise, the print edition can be purchased directly from me either at conventions, signings, readings, or contact me and we can work out an arrangement.

My next big event is Ad Astra, which runs from July 12 to 14. Hope to see you there!


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