A Review from Underground Book Reviews

Today, Underground Book Reviews released a kick-ass review on The Forgotten Gemstone. My favourite line in the review is: “It can hold its own against any traditionally published novel in its genre.” Wow!

Click here to read the review: https://www.undergroundbookreviews.org/4-stars-review-of-the-forgotten-gemstone-by-kit-daven/

The review was written by Bill “The Greyflank” Kieffer, author of The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim and Cold Blood: Fatal Fables, both of which have heavy erotica/LGBTQ elements. If you’d like to learn more about Bill and his writing, follow this link to his official website, Red Ferret Press, an indie press that specializes in “real people exploring real sexual situations and desires.”

The review along with autumn sparked the need to celebrate with a special promo, in which I’ll be offering the e-book edition of The Forgotten Gemstone for the deeply discounted price of $0.99 for a limited time, October 22 to October 31.

Also, for anyone who has a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, both
The Forgotten Gemstone and my novelette The Cannibal’s Handbook are available there until the end of this year. 

Oh, and if you can’t stand Amazon or e-books and are looking for print editions, the retail location of StudioComix Press at the Frederick Mall in Kitchener has copies of The Forgotten Gemstone , The Other Castle, and Spider Spun.

PS: To my writer friends: Should you want to submit your books to Underground Book Review for consideration, I’m sad to report that UBR is closing their doors next month and are no longer accepting books for review. I feel honoured to be among the last of the authors to be reviewed there.

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