Ad Astra 2018, A Few Words

This year, I was one of six writers on the Writing a Series panel. Although it wasn’t my first panel, it was my first time on a panel at Ad Astra, which came about through a series of well-intended events that resulted in my scamming their system. That’s a long story I don’t want to go into here, but I am grateful to Amy de Ruytes, who was head of Programming this year, for squeezing me into a panel when she didn’t have to.

The room was packed beyond capacity with attendees, and I was blessed to be in the fabulous company of Jen Frankel, Sarah WaterRaven, Justus R Stone, Thomas Gofton, and the ever entertaining Lesley Livingston, who set a lively tone for the panel with her personal stories in traditional publishing.

With so many writers on the panel, we each had two opportunities to chat on the topic of Writing a Series. When asked by the moderator (Jen) what techniques I used to write my trilogy, I glibly replied, “Drugs.” Thankfully, my intent at humour was met with laughter instead of silence. (And sure, I meant it as humour. I wasn’t being serious, not really. 😉 )

The convention seemed more wired with excitement and enthusiasm then usual, at least it seemed that way to me, but I may have been more sensitive than usual being a bit run down going into the event. (Summer is always so busy with conventions, art fairs, renovations and mysterious allergic reactions.)

I met up with writers I haven’t seen since last year, met new writers, networked a bit, and despite the low attendance to the convention this year, made a few sales, among them several copies of the new edition of Spider Spun. Some of those sales were by people who had bought the old edition, which was an unexpected surprise. The format of the story piqued the interest of a few indie writers, too. Next year, I expect to see more publications done similarly on other writers’ tables.

My next upcoming event is The Cambridge Comic Arts Festival in Galt on August 25th. If anything else comes up before then, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’ll be taking a bit of a breather to resume revisions and editing on The Starry Rise.

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