Ad Astra 2019, a Signing at Studio Comix, and Tapas

Ad Astra or Bust!

Life since Ad Astra has been a bit of a blur and I’m having difficulty remembering things. I do remember that I failed to ask anyone to take pictures of the book launch for The Starry Rise. Thankfully, friend and fellow writer Karen Dales snapped this pic of me reading to the attendees. And yes, there were attendees.

Overheating during the reading at the book launch.
Image courtesy of Karen Dales, 2019.

Overall, the book launch was a fun experience. I’m not sure how I would have managed it all on my own. Thanks to my cohort Jen Frankel, who assisted with the set up, the launch turned into a wonderful, intimate gathering with true fans. What more could a writer ask for?!

Exciting incidents unfolded during the convention this year. Even though I didn’t sell out, I broke my record for sales. The anthology Canadian Dreadful, published by Dark Dragon Publishing, did sell out by the end of the convention. And shortly after I bought the last hardcover edition of Priya Sharma’s All the Fabulous Beasts from Undertow Publications‘ table, about fifteen minutes later, news hit that this short story collection won the Shirley Jackson award. I returned to congratulate editor Michael Kelly and found myself doing a high five with him.

Despite dealing with back pain during the convention, I still had an amazing time, especially when it came to catching up with writer friends Jen Frankel and Sarah WaterRaven, as well as a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time.

Hanging with Sarah WaterRaven, author of the Detective Doherty series.
Image courtesy of Cameron S. Currie, 2019

Signing at StudioComix

On Saturday, August 3, I will be hanging out at StudioComix, selling books, signing them, and chatting with anyone who dares to stop by. The signing runs from 11am to 3pm, and if you haven’t been to StudioComix , a hot spot for lovers of indie comics and indie artists, then make your way to the Frederick Mall in Kitchener this Saturday and check it out.


I’ve decided to do a little experimental marketing, and am in the process of publishing The Forgotten Gemstone on Tapas, a digital reading app that publishes web comics and web novels in serial format and offers authors the opportunity to reach new readers.

If you’re already a reader there, be sure to look for The Forgotten Gemstone and subscribe. If you’re new to Tapas, check them out. They’ve got some really fun stories there.

More news coming soon, once I figure out how I going to manage all my marketing projects. There’s no rest for the wicked. 😉

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