Altekrea, Festival of Alternative Creation

Several years ago, Sean and I took a trip into Kitchener to check out a local event called The G33k Art Show. At first glance, the exhibitors tables didn’t look any different from any other comic con we’d been too, except it was small enough to fill the Rotunda of City Hall. I say at first glance, because after taking a closer look at the artists, we discovered the work being presented was mostly original in nature, and artists were primarily focusing getting their own superheroes and universes out to the public.

The next year, Sean and I attended again but as exhibitors. We had a blast, and we’ve been participating in the festival ever since.

A year ago, Miroki Tong, the creative force behind this festival, rebranded it to Altekrea (alternative and creation fused together), and this year she has an amazing promotion strategy in place, and I’m pleased to be able to help her out. Below are links to all the promo videos made from my interview at Cafe Pyrus.

The festival runs from June 17-19 in Kitchener, and for more information, please visit their website at

Oh, and don’t forget, I’ll be doing a very soft launch of my latest release, The Other Castle. No bells, no whistles, just print books available at my table and the opportunity to chat with me. Hope to see you there!

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Altekrea | Festival of Alternative Creation – 2016 Promo Video
Kit Daven: Artist Experience at Altekrea
Kit Daven: Looking Forward to Altekrea 2016







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