An Interview at Howell’s Howls

Every year hundreds of warriors and swordsmen travel to the grand city of Basilopolis to audition for the Emperor of Makhaira's personal company. Only the greatest are admitted into that elite corps. Most are found wanting and sent on their way, with nothing more than the tales of how they were almost good enough to serve him. Edward Aethelredson knows that he is worthy to pledge his blade for the Emperor's service. His entire life has readied him for this moment, and now he must only finish his journey and claim his rightful place amongst the best. In the midst of his journey, however, he finds himself pledging his sword - and his life - not to the Emperor but to a lowly innkeeper. He swears an oath to discover who kidnapped and murdered a young and innocent girl. He finds himself unraveling a conspiracy that could threaten the very foundation of the Empire. Armed with his ancestral sword of glittering water-steel and knowledge passed on to him by the greatest magician in his homeland, Edward must also face the memories of a father slain, a king defied, and past oaths sworn. His future awaits...Here’s a recent online interview posted at Howell’s Howls, blog to the creator and writer of the World of Shijuren, Rob Howell.

I met Rob at Ad Astra a couple years back during an Indie Writer meet & greet but didn’t get a chance to chat with him. We barely rubbed elbows actually, but when I saw he was looking for writers to interview, I volunteered and soon found myself answering the most interestingly worded set of questions I’ve ever had the pleasure of answering. It was a lot of fun to do.

If you have a few minutes—It’s a lengthy read!—be sure to check it out:

Interview: Kit Daven 

If you are a writer and would be interested in doing an interview at Rob’s blog, contact him at

If you are a reader and are interested in the World of Shijuren, click here to read an intro to the secondary world he’s created.

And for more information on Rob, be sure to visit his website at

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