Back in the Game

This is a wee little update on the progress of The Arrest in Mannequin Row, a novelette that I submitted a few days ago to the first of several pro magazines and anthologies I’ve begun researching. As of yesterday, I received my almost first rejection. I say almost, because I’ve already received rejections, many years ago.

Does the current rejection bother me? Honestly, not as much as it did when I was younger. The rejection itself was like a bug bite, barely felt a sting. However, with me being a curious person and wanting to know the main reason why the story was rejected, I find the standard rejection form letter disappointing. Though form letters are kindly and politely written, I want to know more. All I can do at this point is keep moving forward and join the thousands of other writers doing the same thing and keep submitting.


As of this morning, I sent The Arrest in Mannequin Row back out into the market. The turn around time will take a little longer this time. In the meantime, I’ve located a box of old stories and their corresponding rejections letters and slips.

At a cursory glance, I felt pangs of embarrassment at the horrid stories I sent out when I was a teenager and in my early twenties. Yikes! Both my writing and focus has vastly improved since then. On second thought, I will not be posting an image of one of those rejection slips like I said I would in a previous post.

You can’t go back; only forward. What I do need to do is refamiliarize myself with the markets. They’ve changed and short fiction has changed, too.

So have I.

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