Better Late Than Never

The Passion of Creation , Leonid Osipovich Pasternak – 1892

Finally, after much frustration and rewriting, the second draft of The Starry Rise is done!

So what was my final reaction after being kicked around by this story? Initially, a bit of shock. Then, after chasing the cats around, a fit of maniacal giggling. Watched a couple of movies. Drank a beer. A day later, I feel satisfied and freed up enough to move onto other projects and catch up on a whole bunch of online marketing.

The latest draft of The Starry Rise comes in at 152k words. The first draft was 131k words in length. Adding 21k words was not in the forefront of my mind while revising this story, but I discovered after cutting what was irrelevant, what remained required elaboration. Due to the way I approached this novel, I ended up rewriting more chapters than I cared for, which was disappointing, but I’ll go into that a little more in depth in future posts on what I learned while writing this beast of a book. Suffice it to say, this novel kicked my ass several times over.

Because the project is four and a half months behind schedule, I have little choice now but to push the publishing date to August or September of this year. I’ll have a better feel for when to set a date when the betareaders get back their edits to me.

So what’s next? While I step back from the story for a while (a month?), my betareaders will be stepping into do a first read. And while they’re working their magic, I’ll be focusing on developing the cover art concept and getting the specs to the artist, as well as digitizing a map that will accompany the print edition.

Coming up soon is Limestone Genre Expo, my first event for the year. While I prepare notes for my panels for that event, I’ll be digitizing the illustrations for the print edition of the re-issue for Spider Spun and finally getting that off to the printers.

For more information about Limestone Genre, click here.

If you haven’t read Spider Spun yet, the digital edition of the re-issue is available online. Click here to buy on Amazon.

Stay tuned for excerpts from The Starry Rise, progress reports on the cover art, the latest volume in the Xiinisi Pronunciation Guide, and much more.

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