Among the many worlds created by the Xiinisi, Earth is unique. Earth, quite simply, is the result of an elaborate and ambitious exercise in co-operation and collaboration among the Masters of the Xiinisi. While the world of Earth from that of an earthling references only the planet earth, among the Xii the world of Earth includes the solar system it belongs to as well.

According to the mind recordings of Master Hethn, as documented in Sphere 88-I, starting at 53:12:32 (hr:min:sec): “…the whim of the younger ones to collaborate on building worlds together is quite inspiring. Though, no more than three or four work together, they’re usually of lower skill level and spend most of their time squabbling or showing off their skills to one another… their worlds are short-lived… wonder if a collaboration among more skilled Xiinisi might result in a longer sustaining world… How might a world made by Masters evolve?… Must discuss with the other Masters.”

Later on in the mind recordings of Master Hethn, namely Sphere 92-C, at 12:47:50: “…the other Masters laughed at the notion of collaborative world building. If I was on the Council, I’d make the collaboration a mandatory exercise AND send them to the Matter Fountain to harvest as punishment for being rude dolts… will discuss with the Council directly.”

The project was eventually approved and the template of a single planet was chosen to keep the Masters from deliberately using convolution as a means to irritate one another during the creative process. (From what I’ve observed, civility among the Xiinisi is enforced by a Code of Behaviour.) What resulted from the project would later become the basis for many other worlds which shared a similar geological evolution and a similar time spin. Based on the Earth’s construct for measuring time in its final days, these types of worlds eventually became known as 24-60-60 model planets.

The Xiinisi’s interaction with Earth left a profound influence in our world’s earliest cultures. As animals naturally evolved on Earth, the Xiinisi took much pleasure in taking on the characteristics of several different kinds of animals and mixing them together. To this day, we can see remnants of these hybrid creatures in ancient religions and mythologies around our world. And the Xiinisi have been influenced by certain constructs that evolved on Earth and can be observed in some of their buildings (the Vault, the Concilium et al), which have been modeled on Ancient Greek architecture.

As mentioned in my article First Contact, far in our future, Earth’s final days are suspended in time. There is no exact reason I can glean from the many journals and recordings I’ve gone through. Although, in a recent visit to Xii, I skimmed an old Student journal and discovered an unusual entry, which reads:

On a dare, I snuck up to the Concilium. I’d seen some of the Council members shift through the walls earlier. Sat there a while, wondering how long it would take to get caught, then heard voices and realized the roof to the Concilium was open. Couldn’t quite make out everything that was said, but they were definitely talking about that silly world Earth, something to do with its Mirari. Guess they’re studying that for some reason. Weird!

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