Eat Me Like a Sacrament – A Review of Spider Spun and The Cannibal’s Handbook

Reviewer James Nicoll has been at it again. I love the title for his latest review of my weird fantasy/horror short stories Spider Spun and The Cannibal’s Handbook. It was an unexpected surprise to see the review yesterday. His comments about my stories being “disturbing” turned my grumpy mood inside out and upside down.

Click the link below to read the full review over at James Nicoll Reviews.

At the end of the review, there is mention of the now shelved project She’s No Good, a short story collection I had planned to write, based on female characters who aren’t always likable.

For those of you who are new to my blog, at the time I wrote these stories, I had no intention of pitching my short fiction to professional markets. As of last year, I had a change of mind, and for the mean time, I have pushed the collection aside. I still intend to write the stories I had planned for the collection and submit them to pro magazines and digests, except for Spider Spun and The Cannibal’s Handbook. These two stories are a part of my indie publishing platform, and they are both currently in the process of being re-issued as stand alone short stories for later this year.

For a more in depth look into my headspace, be sure to read Side Roads and Circuses: On Being a Writer.


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