Errors & Fuss

On the evening of May 16th, a Monday, there was a kerfuffle at the front door while Sean and I ate our dinner. Mouth full of food, Sean mumbled, “What the hell was that?” I didn’t have to wonder. I knew exactly what had just arrived.

I jumped up, ran for the door, and flung it open. There, at my feet, a little parcel wrapped in cardboard. The proof for The Other Castle had arrived.

A picture of its pristine state and perfection before I started my final read through…

before image of TOC proof

However, the whole point of doing a final read through is to proof the formatting and the text, and catch all those nasty little spellings, typos, and other kinds of glitches before it goes to print. As of tonight, I’m pleased to announce that I finished the read through AND I finished doing so ahead of schedule by two days.

The proof as it looks now…


A special note to my editors/betareaders. Please don’t freak out over all the posted notes. The corrections aren’t as bad as they look.  

My editors did a fantastic job helping me through with content editing, line editing and proofreading. Without their input, suggestions, and feedback, the story wouldn’t  be in the great shape that it’s in. I am so grateful for all their help.

If had to do a breakdown of all the different kinds of errors, it would look something like this.

  • 5% Back cover tweaks to story blurb text (too tight together), alignment on the spine, and visibility issues with the logo and some of the text.
  • 5% Malapropism (heal instead of heel, plaintiff instead of plaintive, and my favourite perennial instead of pineal, et al), missing or flipped quotations marks, commas instead of periods.
  • 5% Correcting a few minor descriptions of locations to coincide with the finalized map (yes, there will be a map in the book).
  • 5% Very minor continuity issues.
  • 5% Deletion of unnecessary prose.
  • 5% Formatting: lines of text squeezed a little too tightly, quotations marks and apostrophes that didn’t convert to smart quotes for some reason, extra spaces, missing spaces, page numbers/headers that need to be deleted from the back matter.
  • 20% Styling: what gets italicized or capitalized and making sure its consistent throughout the book.
  • 50% Straight up fussing.

Yeah, I admit it, I’m a fusspot. It’s how I learn.

The good news is, production is on schedule! Tomorrow, I will begin entering corrections.

snoopy dance

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