It’s August Already?!

I’ve been a little quiet lately with my updates, only publishing important information when I need to. I suppose it’s because I’m trying to enjoy summer while investigating what’s preventing my right hip from healing properly, and managing my Bells Palsy and seasonal migraines. I do what I can on the computer, until I can’t. No matter what’s going on, I always find some way to keep being productive, even if it means crawling into a dimly lit room with a notebook and pen to summarize new story ideas, break down marketing plans into smaller steps, or write out the flood of ideas and suggestions that come to me.

So here’s what I’ve been doing…

The Starry Rise

This is the one project that I’ve had a number of people ask about. When will The Starry Rise be released? For now, the projected release date is for May/June 2017; however, that could change.

To date, there are 25,444 of 120K words written. Realistically, I expect the book to be closer to 130k, like the first two books in A Xiinisi Trilogy. I have about three more chapters (approximately 5-7k more words) before I finish the beginning arc of the book, then start into the middle.

Since I am writing from a lot of notes, some of the writing is going slow, yet some parts have practically written themselves. There have been some unforeseen challenges that come with writing a non-gendered character, but I seemed to have met the challenge and am pleased with the results, for now.

I’m currently mapping out Xii, the realm where the Xiinisi exists. And I continue to do quite a bit of targeted research on various topics, including referencing The Forgotten Gemstone and The Other Castle, to make sure my details are consistent.

Spider Spun

I’m currently re-issuing the print edition of Spider Spun (and eventually The Cannibal’s Handbook). Other than the glossy covers, which are done via Vistaprint when they offer deep discounts, the interiors I do on the laser printer at home. Then I bind them. Then I package them. It takes time.

As I find myself adding more projects to my plate, like recording the Xiinisi Pronunciation Guide articles, I realize I need to claw back some of that time. After some investigating and number crunching, I found a way to produce a better quality product without having to do it myself.

And since I’m leveling up the quality of these booklets, I figure doing another sweep of edits was in order, so I went over it again, made a few more changes, then passed it off to a professional editor for a final line edit. I figure this way I can get a clean product and an understanding of where my skill level is at with writing and editing. There is no deadline on the return of the story, so in the interim I’m re-doing the covers. Same colours, same concept, vectorized, all done in CYMK. If you haven’t already signed up for updates, be sure to, for the next Writ Bits broadcast will contain a sneak peak of the revitalized cover along with other goodies that won’t be published here.


The Xiinisi Pronunciation Guide

Yes, I know. The latest article in this series has been taking a while. I haven’t been able to get to it, but it is in the works. And as soon as I am back from Montreal, I will make Secondary, Tertiary & Absent Characters in The Forgotten Gemstone my first priority.

Red Wednesday

Speaking of Montreal… Less than a year ago, I wrote a novel called Red Wednesday as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge. Even though it’s shelved at the moment, my Muse and I have been mulling it over ever since. One of our biggest concerns with the story is its location. Currently, it is set in New York City, and we have a persistent desire to remove the story from the US and set in Canada.

I lived in Toronto for a long time, and it was the first city to come to mind, but Toronto’s cool, aloof personality doesn’t fit the story. At some point, I discussed the issue at length with a fellow writer friend, which resulted in keeping it in NYC. Then, recently, travels plans to visit NYC changed. Instead, we’ll be visiting a friend in Montreal, and I remembered what I knew about the city, my experiences being there, and realized that Montreal has a  Euro-centric feel to it, an old history, a reputation for being a haven for wanted criminals. Montreal is worth exploring, so while there, I will be scrutinizing the place, snapping photos of potential sets, taking notes, and making a final decision.

Script Writing

As a final note, I have started dabbling in script writing, specifically for comics and short films, and eventually radio plays. These are projects in discussion. Nothing may come of them, so they aren’t worth the trouble to talk about in detail just yet. But I’m dabbling and getting a feel for script writing, and it feels good to focus on small projects I can learn while doing them.


And that about sums up what I’ve been doing these days, in addition to gardening and planning renovations for the fall, oh and a bit of travelling.

If there’s something I missed, if you have questions, be sure to write me.

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