eBook Formatting services for fiction authors who would rather spend their time writing.

Let me convert your already formatted (print edition) or unformatted Doc into a problem-free, aesthetically pleasing, customized ePub file ready to be uploaded to your digitial publishing platform of choice.

Pricing is tiered, determined by length of book and complexity of formatting. The base price is best for fiction books with 60 sections (i.e. chapters, glossaries, appendices, et al) or less, consisting primarily of text. Formatting includes a Table of Contents, links, customized chapter headings, separators and other relevant glyphs used for decorative purposes, 3 revisions, and 5 updates.

The final ePub file will be suitable for uploading to your digital publishing platform(s) of choice AND can be used as a giveaway for promotions.

Book LengthBase Price*
0 – 50k words$50
50 – 100k words$60
100 – 150k words$70
150 – 200k words$80
200k – 250k words$90
250k – 300k words$100
*For fiction books with 60 sections or less and no additional images, ie. illustrations.

Books With More Than 60 Sections, Additional Images, Tables, & Footnotes/Endnotes

For books that have more complex elements, such as tables, footnotes/endnotes, illustrations, charts, et al, please contact me using the form below for a quote tailored to your project’s needs.

Payment Methods

After an initial consult with me and you want to proceed, a 50% deposit will be required. Payments can be made with PayPal or e-transfer.


Click images to download epub sample file to view in your favourite digital reader.


“I spent about four months creating my first digital book and taking it as far as I could. After several attempts to properly format it to get it ready for publication, I did everything I could and used every tutorial I could find online only to end up in constant frustration that it still didn’t look ready to release to the world. Not knowing what to do I was all but ready to give up on the project when I decided to contact Kit. Kit did in a few days what I couldn’t do in a few months and not only made my book look great and ready for the world to see, but also gave me helpful feedback to make this process even easier the next time around. She salvaged my book and I can’t wait to use her services again for the next project I pursue.”
—Rick Hipson, author of Dark Bites: Volume I

Contact Me

Please contact me and I’ll happily discuss your project and provide a quote.