Have you written a short story or a novel? Has it gone through a mind-boggling number of revisions with your writing group and betareaders? Did you hire an editor to assist with developmental and line edits? Has everyone you know read it, including your Grandma, and you can’t stand to look at it anymore?

Did you indie publish your first few books quickly and have a laundry list of fixes? Are you wondering if there are more overlooked errors and want to clean up your publications?

Then let me be your Final Reader!

A Final Reader is a proofreader who has never read the original or revised drafts of your story. As a Final Reader, I will have a keen eye for finding errors that have either been overlooked or added into the manuscript during the editing stage. If you are confident in the language and structure of your document, and all developmental and copy editing is complete, than your story is ready for proofreading.

My Final Reader service includes finding and suggesting corrections for:

  • typographical errors
  • punctuation errors
  • mispellings
  • formatting errors
  • inconsistencies

Sometimes flaws in logic or incomprehensible sentences are missed during the copy-editing phase. I will make note of these kinds of errors should they arise.

When it comes to personal writing styles, I can work within your style and your personal stylesheet, if you have one. Any style guide / dictionaries that you use that are freely accessible online, I can work from as well. I’m most familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style.

I will conduct two passes of the story. The first is where I suggest corrections and explain why. The second pass will be made after the corrections have been made by you, which will ensure that no new errors have been inadvertantly added to the manuscript.

Please contact me to discuss your project and get a quote.

Always editing,


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