My Schedule for Limestone Genre Expo 2018

Next month marks the beginning of my convention schedule for 2018, starting with Limestone Genre Expo, which runs from May 26 to 27 at the Holiday Inn Waterfront in Kingston, Ontario.

This is a top-notch genre-focused literary convention with great panels. In previous years, I’ve done readings only. In addition to having a table, this year I’ll be doing a reading and four panels. That’s right! Four panels. What was I thinking?!

Seriously, I’m looking forward to the panels. I don’t do them often, and it’s time I got out of my comfort zone and this is certainly one way to go about doing that. Here’s what my schedule looks like:

May 26, 2018

10-11am — Panel: Worldbuilding: What Makes a World Feel Real?
2-3pm — Panel: Are There Too Many Free E-Books Available?

May 27, 2018

10-11am — Reading: The Other Castle (Note: The Starry Rise won’t be available until the Jun/Jul 2018)
10-11am — Panel: Film Tropes are Killing Your Prose
4-5pm — Panel: Self Publishing After 2015

This year’s Guests of Honour include Michael Slade and Andrew Pyper. My husband and I met Michael Slade a few years back at another convention, where he told us a great many stories. As a thank you, I gave him copies of The Cannibal’s Handbook and Spider Spun. I wonder if he’ll remember us or not. We’ll see!

For more information about Limestone Genre Expo, be sure to visit their website at:


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