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Earlier this year, at Limestone Genre, I sat on a panel with four other authors, where we discussed fantasy. If not for the presence of the wonderfully well-focused Derek Newman-Stille guiding our discussion, we may have easily sky-rocketed off topic into some unseen region of speculation where the stars are pink and there’s a planet inhabited by tofu creatures, but Derek has skills. He’s intelligent, focused, and incredibly patient. He also asks incredibly hard questions some times too, and he didn’t break out in a sweat the way I had when I found myself struggling for an answer. When it came to my turn, and I asked, “What was that question again?”, it was met with good humour and we quickly moved onto the next question. Thanks Derek.

After Limestone, we met up again at Fan Expo, where he told me about his Radio Show, Speculating Canada, a program dedicated to the discussion of speculative fiction in Canada–science fiction, fantasy, horror and weird fiction. I’ll admit, I’m not knowledgeable about Canadian speculative literature, and even though I hadn’t heard of his show, he wasn’t the least bit offended. In fact, he asked if I’d be interested in doing a radio interview.

ontheairSpeculating Canada is an exploration of all those stories that don’t neatly fit into Canadian Literature, and yet still manage to express something of a Canadian perspective through faeries, wolves, or alien worlds. Derek’s format is casual and candid. In some episodes he discusses his thoughts about an author or book, and in other episodes he interviews authors.

Derek Newman-Stille is a visual artist and PhD student at the University of Trent, where he teaches courses on speculative fiction and researches “the use of the symbol of the monster for exploring the representation of disability issues.”


I’m pleased beyond words to be apart of the ongoing discussion and am enjoying listening to the archived episodes of Speculating Canada.

My interview aired on Trent Radio on September 29th. I was away from my computer and missed listening in. Thankfully, as of today, the episode has been archived and is available at the link below. Be sure to check it out and let me know how my first radio interview sounds.


Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 50: An Interview with Kit Daven


Click here to learn more about Speculating Canada.

Click here to learn more about Derek Newman-Stille and his art.

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