Release Dates for The Other Castle

TOC-product3Update: I have corrected the release date for electronic edition to June 30, because apparently June doesn’t have 31 days in it.

As of this morning, a proof for The Other Castle was ordered, which means that early next week I will be sitting back with a nearly complete second book and doing a final proofread of the story, the layout, and design elements from front cover to back cover.

I’ve been telling everyone to expect the book to be available online as of June 2016, but now that June is coming soon, the exact dates for the print release can be announced.

For those of you who can truly not wait to get your hands on the print edition, you can purchase it directly from on June 1, 2016.

However, I strongly urge everyone to wait until June 8 and order it through Love ’em or hate ’em, they offer free shipping rates on purchases of $25 or more. Also, every purchase made through Amazon helps increase my presence on their website and increases the chance of being discovered by other readers. (Posting your reviews on Amazon also helps, just saying. 😉 )

And for anyone in the vicinity of Kitchener, ON from June 17-19, books can be purchased directly from me at the alternative arts festival, Altekrea, which is a part of Kitchener’s Summer Light Festival program this year.


All electronic editions will be available for purchase online June 31 June 30 at various online retailers. Buy links will be made available in a future post as well as on my website’s product page.


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