Spider Spun, The Print Edition of the Re-Issue

Last year, I sent out the novelette Spider Spun to a professional editor to give it the final edit the story deserved. All went well. Working with Séphera Giron at Scarlett Editing Services was wonderful, and I am very pleased with the final result. I plan to work with her again later in the year on The Cannibal’s Handbook, which is next in line to undergo the reissue process.

Last year saw the re-release of the digital edition of Spider Spun, which is currently available on Amazon and Kobo. And I’m pleased to announce that the print edition is now available.

Why do a new edition? What was wrong with the old edition?

The reasons are many.


The old edition was… cute! I chose the small format with the super small font as a way to create a product with a low price point. It had a nice pulpy, magazine feel to it that I liked, but the presentation is rather squished and cramped, and the font difficult to read for those of us with glasses. I loved it at the time, but now it’s calling out for something a little more professional in design.


As is the way with inflation, the manufacturing cost has gone up. Even with taking advantage of discounts at Vistaprint for printing the glossy covers, printing the interior on my laser printer at home, cutting, collating, and binding the publication myself, the cost to manufacture had at one time been low enough to make something of a profit. Now, especially with all the giveaways, I barely break even with a sale. I could simply raise the price, but given the look of the older edition, I doubt anyone would pay $5 for it.


Self-publishing takes up a lot of time, with a lot of behind-the-scenes activities I don’t go into with most friends and family because I know some of them still regard what I’m doing as a hobby, but the reality is I’m running an author press, a registered business called Eager Eye Books. Add in day-to-day life and there’s only so much time, so I decided to find someone else to print Spider Spun on my behalf and get that time back for more important things, like writing more stories.

After going back and forth from one format to another, redoing the interior design several times over, I finally decided on presenting this novelette and others like it in a more unconventional manner, thanks to the suggestions provided by Alfonso Espinos at StudioComix Press. Using the standard US comic book format and printed on comic book paper, Spider Spun has a new look to it: the font is larger and easier to read, there’s more white space, and best of all, this edition has hand drawn illustrations by Sean Chappell.

Though this reissue has been a long time in the making, it was well worth the wait and the work. I’m hopeful that when the time comes to reissue The Cannibal’s Handbook, the process will go a little smoother.

The print edition of Spider Spun  will be available to buy directly from me at upcoming conventions. Also, as of next week, copies will be available in the StudioComix store, located at the Frederick Mall in Kitchener, along with a few copies of The Forgotten Gemstone and The Other Castle.

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