The Cannibal’s Handbook – A New Pre-Release Short Story Booklet in the Making

There’s been no shortage of crazy busy in the last couple of weeks. Despite the madness to finish re-developing the new website, tidying up the piles of hacked-to-pieces-what-was-once-a-number-of-bushes debris laying about the yard into neat little bundles, and disciplining two mischievous and devious Siamese cats, I am pleased to announce that I’m still on schedule for publishing the second and final pre-release short story from the horror anthology, She’s No Good, which is in the works.


This week, the final cover design for the second booklet, “The Cannibal’s Handbook“, was revealed on Facebook.

This time around, I designed it from scratch. None of the imagery or textures were borrowed from the ‘net and modified. The figure holding the knife is Sean Chappell who, despite his busy schedule, put aside twenty minutes to pose for me. The meat-textured background began as a photo of a floor tile from the downstairs bathroom.

The-Cannibal's-Handbook-200Originally I envisioned a flesh-coloured texture, but it didn’t look horrific or scary enough. In fact, I had a hard time deciding on other elements, such as the title treatment, until I dropped the flesh tone and pushed for something a little more visceral. Then, the design started to come together.

My instinct as an artist would be to put in a contrasting colour, but the overly warm, monochromatic feel has an unexpected drama to it. I had even considering making the green drop shadow around the figure more stark but instead kept it subtle.

As for the story, it has gone through four rounds of editing and is surprisingly clean compared to the state of my other earlier drafts. By the time the anthology is ready to be edited as a whole, I’m sure there will be more fine-tuning.

This will be the final pre-release from this anthology, as well as the last booklet for this year. As the summer comes to a close, I will be dedicating more time to writing than to marketing for the remainder of the year.


The Cannibal’s Handbook, is a candid and gruesome account of Laurie’s encounters with cannibals. Set in an apocalyptic world nearly destroyed by severe storms which have temporarily decimated the plant life on the planet, all creatures great and small struggle to survive until nature returns in all its fine greenery. The story isn’t a random one. Laurie has a reason for why she’s telling it, but what she has to say about cannibals is perhaps a little too unnerving and detailed for someone who claims to have never eaten people. She’s a hero of sorts, maybe. I’ll let you decide.

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