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True Nature is Impossible to Forget
The Forgotten Gemstone, Book One in A Xiinisi Trilogy
Written by Kit Daven

August 26, 2016

Cambridge ON – Indie author Kit Daven explores the theme of true nature in her first novel, The Forgotten Gemstone.

The first book in the science fiction/fantasy series, A Xiinisi Trilogy, provides a fascinating story in a richly detailed alien world in which Ule, a trans-dimensional worldbuilder, struggles to find out who she truly is. After discovering herself trapped inside a world she created in her youth, cut off from her own kind, Ule rediscovers her true nature and that there’s more to the world than what she remembers.

Kit’s inspiration for this story was the result of a phone call with a friend, during which they discussed how as adults they had both gotten away from themselves, and only after remembering to honor their truest selves did they start feeling whole again. The Forgotten Gemstone stays true to this origin by being both a coming of age story as well as a story of rediscovery.

Anyone who is a fan of shapeshifting aliens, mystics and demons, extra-dimensions, with a little adventure and romance thrown in, will certainly enjoy reading The Forgotten Gemstone, and Kit is available to discuss all aspects of her book and her writing process.

There is a true shimmer of shapeshifting in the essence of the narrative: just as Ule can change her form at will (and has it changed for her), so Daven keeps the story morphing so subtly that it is only in retrospect that you can see that there was a plan and purpose all along. —Jen Frankel, author of Undead Redhead

The surface level story about a lonely and rather lost world maker with amnesia trying to get back to something resembling happiness was well done, but what gets this novels my five stars is how much more there is to the tale…. For someone whose created worlds and lived for who knows how long, Ule is incredibly human and I love her for it. —A Fan Review on Amazon