The No Snark Zone – Episode 1

There are a lot of kinds of people in the world, and according to film director Kevin Smith, you want to surround yourself with “Why not?” people. These are the kind of people when they, let’s say, are asked to act in a short film even though they have next to no acting experience, they respond with, “Sure, why not?” Or, they’re asked to do an impromptu interview for a new web series called The No Snark Zone… Yeah… sure… Why not?!

Recently, that’s what I said to Jen Frankel, friend and author of Undead Redhead, and the Blood & Magic series, who suggested the idea during a recent Skype session. I wasn’t really ready, what with having bed hair and a raspy voice due the tail end of a cold and sinusitis, but at some point in life, when you’re going after what really matters, feeling a little under the weather just doesn’t matter nearly as much as the excitement of helping out a friend with a really cool project.

So without further ado, here’s the first episode of The No Snark Zone, a web series focusing on interviews with creative types on just about every subject that has or will come to Jen’s mind. In this episode, Jen and I discuss conventions and panels.

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