The Other Castle now Available on Amazon.

When I woke up this morning and saw that Amazon still hadn’t activated the product page for The Other Castle, I started to worry. I got onto other things, all the while keeping an eye on the product page, and as of an hour ago, the buy links for the print edition went live.

Phew! I can stop fidgeting now.

For fans who really truly want to support me and The Writing, I urge you to purchase through Amazon for several reasons. Of course, I’ll receive a royalty, but that purchase does other things as well. It improves my ratings within Amazon’s system, and the higher my rating, the better chances my books will be discovered┬áby others. Also, when you leave a review on Amazon, Amazon will use the record of your purchase to validate your review. And of course, the more authentic reviews the better. And keep in mind, your review can be as simple as: “I loved/hated it.”TOC-product


The print edition
now available on



Click here to buy now.

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