The Safeway

The Safeway is an artificial passageway that is used for multiple applications in the realm of Xii.

It is primarily used during the world building process. In this function, it intersects two dimensions and serves as an escape tunnel for the creator of that world in the event they are injured or are simply unable to Ascend back to the realm of Xii of their own accord.

One end of the passageway is established inside a world and the other end is established outside the world (in the realm of Xii), often in such close proximity to the world being created it establishes an orbit around that world.

Usually Safeways degrade over time, due to errors in their construction as a result of being created mostly by young Xiinisi still honing their craft. However, if created well, a Safeway can last forever.

Note: The Safeway Ule built in Elish as a child proved to be fully intact much later in the evolution of this world, suggesting that she was highly skilled in creation at a young age and not the bumbling, flawed world builder her Mentor believed her to be.

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