The Starry Rise, An Update

This winter has been a blur of writing and rewriting (mostly rewriting) The Starry Rise and I am ecstatic to announce that those rewrites are done. I finished them midday on Tuesday of this week and am pleased to say that copies of the third draft are in the hands of betareaders as I write this post.

At this point, I’m very satisfied with the structural changes. They certainly did improve the story in more ways than I ever thought they would. Extracting one of the characters made a world of difference for the other characters, giving them more space to breathe. And I reworked all of those chapters over-run with too many characters. Just because you can write a scene with sixteen characters in it doesn’t mean you should.

As eager as I am to keep moving on the project, I have decided to take a bit of down time to recharge my mind. So what do I do to recharge myself? Well, getting out and walking now that the sidewalks are no longer ice rinks is a start. Also, I’ve started playing and experimenting with some new pouring paint techniques I learned while out in BC. I suspect these techniques will come in handy for future cover art designs.

Pouring Paint Technique – Dirty Pour

In addition to making art, I also plan to get in a bit of sewing. During the winter, I received a donation of clothing to recycle, and I have a policy that anyone who makes a fabric donation like that gets a one of kind custom tote in return. More on the results of those projects in future posts.

Finally, I plan to write the first draft of a short story. Which short story is that, you ask? Haven’t a clue. That’s contingent on what card I draw from my Cup o’ Stories, which I’ve been adding ideas to all winter.

Yum, story ideas…

I’m giving myself about a week away from The Starry Rise before I begin line editing. I’m determined to have the print book released by mid June. In the meantime, be prepared to hear from me more frequently in the upcoming months. What should you expect? A cover art reveal, chapters excerpts, news on the re-issue of The Cannibal’s Handbook, and a secret side project that I will be announcing soon.

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