The Starry Rise: Another Update

My apologies. This update is long overdue. So, without further ado, here’s what’s happening with the final installment in A Xiinisi Trilogy.

Edits & Revisions

Back on May 5th, some of you may have noticed my post on Facebook. In it, I officially announced that The Starry Rise was in the hands of a proofreader. Yay!

The decision to find a proofreader came about early last year, while in the midst of the first round of extensive revisions on The Starry Rise. At that point, I was losing momentum with the project due to interruptions. It just so happens, last year at a convention, while chatting with a fellow writer, I mentioned how awesome it would be to have someone else proofread the book. Quite by surprise, that writer offered her proofreading services in exchange for a copy of the book. And I immediately accepted.

A gargantuan thank you to Karen Dales, award-winning author of the vampire series, The Chosen Chronicles. Karen also happens to enjoy my writing, which I think makes proofreading my book a win-win situation for her (and for me). 🙂

Cover Art

The cover art is 99% done. For the past week, I’ve been looking at the piece to determine if it needs a bit more tweaking, and I’ve been discussing a few minor, final adjustments with the artist, Sean Chappell.

A Sneak Peak!

The artwork for the previous two books, The Forgotten Gemstone and The Other Castle, were done with gouache and paintbrush. Since those books, Sean has abandoned traditional paint brushes for the air brush, and this time around, the cover art has more of a graphic feel to it that the others don’t have. BUT! It’s a strong piece, and dare I say it, I think we’re both getting a better handle on doing cover art.

Release Date

Now that I’ve had a bit of a rest from powering through a lot of revisions in a short amount of time, I can finally get my bearings for determining a release date. Well, at least a vague date. I can safely say that The Starry Rise will be released sometime in mid to late June of this year. Once I get my proofread edits back, I will have a better feel for setting an exact date.

In the meantime, I’m working on updating the front and back matter, my bio, and writing story blurbs for the book, website, and various merchant platforms online. Updating my website is also a necessity. While working on this, I’ve been also working on the re-issue/re-brand of The Cannibal’s Handbook, which was meant to happen last year. More on that in another post.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming posts, which include a cover reveal and excerpts from the book.

For more information about Karen Dales and her books, be sure to visit the following links:

Dark Dragon Publishing:

For more information about Sean Chappell and his artwork, be sure to visit the following links:


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