The Xiinisi Pronunciation Guide: A to D

It’s been a while since the last posting of The Xiinisi Pronunciation Guide. This year, now that I have finished writing the first draft of The Starry Rise, the third volume in A Xiinisi Trilogy, I can safely say that I will not be creating any more new names, places or terms.

For revision purposes and my sanity, I’ve decided to change the format of this series and created an alphabetized index of characters, place names, and other terms from The Forgotten Gemstone, The Other Castle, and The Starry Rise. This index will eventually become the foundation for a definitive guide to the storyverse of Xii.

In the tradition of dictionaries, encyclopedias and other indices, the following posts will be laid out alphabetically, elaborating on anything that hasn’t yet been mentioned in previous posts. (If you missed the first four posts, begin with: TXPG: An Introduction.)

A Word of Caution: For those who have not read some or all of these books, beware! There may be spoilers in the brief descriptions.

Now, let’s get started.

~ A ~

Attalag (AA-te-lag)—Is an abjad, a writing system that is absent of vowels. It was a system of writing originally used by seafarers travelling the Attalaga Sea, but over time,  became used as a covert way to send messages for criminals and members of secret societies. Ule and the Arch Scribe, Mbjard, enjoy trying to figure out the vowel combinations for Attalag word puzzles.

Attalaga Sea (AH-te-LAH-gah)—A heavily traversed sea, where lots of trade occurs. This sea is well known for its high population of pirates. According to Sabien the Storyteller, it is this sea that Avn has sailed across to return to his home land, not realizing that Avn has in fact ascended to an entirely different realm.

Adinav (A-din-av)—The only man to ever rule all shors at one time as Grand Magnes. He is responsible for ushering in The Era of Calm’s End and the beginning of a one hundred year war. He is known to have been preternaturally young in appearance, far outliving a normal lifespan, as well as depleting Elish of its magical resources and using Elishians and Demons as puppet soldiers, even after they had died.

Aesa (EHY-sah)—The no-nonsense daughter of a blacksmith named Hazias, who works in Sondshor Market. She is the first born and twin sister to Mera. Very protective, heavily ingrained in survival mode, she was scarred in her youth from a smithy accident while protecting her sister. The scars can still be seen on her lower lip and chin. She never goes anywhere without a maul or a hammer, so be careful what you say to her.

agya (AHG-yah)—Is a phrase from a modern language referred to as Diminished Eelsee, from the region of Eelsee.  It is a casual expression of gratitude, which translates to thanks.

Alephos (AH-leh-fohs)—An ancient Magnes who ruled a forest realm, quite possibly Woedshor Forest. According to to The Book of Alephos, it is very possible he lived at a time when the great creature Elishevera was still alive. He was considered a vile ruler, for he had a reputation for hanging people from trees and impaling criminals on giant cactuses.

An (AHN)—A Xiinisi term that appears in several contexts. It is first used in the expression An Energy, a sticky and slippery energy, which assists in the creation of worlds as well as creatures. This energy is also used for transporting the Xiinisi to and from their realm and the worlds they build. This word, however, on its own is a term used to define a state of shapeshifting in which all genders manifest. This word can also be understood in a broad context as everything. The word  also appears in the expression Children of the An, both a reference to the energy and the place where this energy originates from.

~ B ~

Boriag (BOR-ee-ag)—An Apprentice Mystic with often awkward and sometimes questionable behaviour, who is a companion to Navalis (an alter ego of Avn). He is best known for his contribution to alchemy, the invention of a formula that strengthens metals to withstand great force. He will always be remembered for his experiments, especially the one where he fortified a suit of armor and tested it by provoking a horse that kicked him in the chest.

~ C ~

Crank (KRAYNK)—A curmudgeonly horse, described as tall, brown, with beige spots, whose life becomes intertwined with Ule’s while living on a farm together. At some point, he assists Ule with restoring her memory, and later, crosses path with her again on a road in Woedshor Forest.

~ D ~

D’Achta Clan (d’AHK-tah)—A clan of Northman who are known for having unusual customs, such as the tradition of dancing while serving wine at large gatherings.

D’Achtan (d’AHK-tahn)—The language spoken by the D’Achta Clan.


So ends this section of the Index, featuring the more difficult to pronounce names which appear in A Xiinisi Trilogy. Stay tuned for the next installment: The Xiinisi Pronunciation Guide: E to H

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