The Xiinisi Story World – An Overview

Where does one begin to describe and understand the multi-dimensional Realm of the Xiinisi? According to the journals of Sabien the Storyteller, of Elishian origin, he describes the endeavour as “a big bothersome blather of bother. Don’t do it! Just don’t! As soon as you figure it out, it’ll all change.” And perhaps that is why Sabien gave up the task of investigating and documenting his findings of this dimension.

I have not let Sabien’s frustrations affect my own efforts. I set out to understand the Realm of the Xiinisi by any means necessary. So far, the near impossible tasks of translating and compiling some of the Xiinisi’s histories into stories have been challenging, to say the least. (For those interested in reading them, I recommend beginning with The Forgotten Gemstone.) To make this less of a challenge to you, dear reader, I suggest that the best place to begin exploring the unfamiliar is to search for and anchor yourself to something familiar; so, let’s begin with our planet Earth and its solar system.

Earth’s cosmic universe is not as we speculate. It is, according to the Xiinisi, a projection of our evolution in thought, intelligence, and mindfulness. As Earthlings evolve, the cosmic universe we observe in the sky around our planet (excluding the solar system) evolves accordingly. This illusion is created by a sphere of energy referred to as a Mirari. Beyond that reflection, or rather outside our projected universe, exists the Realm of the Xiinisi, which suggests that Earth resides in its own dimension.

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. Earth is one of many, many worlds that exist and can be accessed from the Realm of the Xiinisi. You see, these worlds are created, evolve, and die, and as they do, the Xiinisi observe them and interact with them, learning more about world building and about themselves in the process. Every created world is contained in its own dimension.

Among the other worlds that exist here, one in particular stands apart from the others due to a glitch in its evolution—demons walk the Root Dimension. This introduces a dual nature in the design of each world. According to Xiinisi instruction manuals, Master Hethn writes: “For every world there is a Root Dimension (the world’s corporeal expression) and a Chthonic Dimension (the world’s ethereal expression). That is the natural byproduct of building any world… and has always been and always will be.” [Note: I’ve omitted part of the text to avoid confusion. More on these two dimensions will be explored in a forthcoming entry.]

While some dimensions are naturally occurring, others are not. Elish, the demon-inhabited world, also contains pocket dimensions. In one of its deserts exists a grove much bigger on the inside than the outside. In Woedshor Forest, a nest in a tree leads to a house in a glen. And close to a market on the edge of that same desert is a self-supporting stone archway that leads to a cavern where the stone floor ripples like water beneath every footstep.

Navigating these many dimensions is a bewildering experience. For the Xiinisi to govern themselves and their realm with such deftness requires a unique skill—the ability to manipulate energy on a quantum level. As such, they can take on the forms of whatever they choose, and within each of their forms is an interplay between matter, time, and the energy of their core essence. Accessible through a microscopic amplification of their perception, their inner biological dimension can be altered and repaired and even used as a conduit for covert communication.

As you can see, dimensions are the very foundation of the Realm of the Xiinisi. Though I’ve only just begun to uncover their world, so vast and deeply obscured by their studies, policies, and power plays, it’s easy to see how who they are, what they are, and where they dwell can all change in a heartbeat.

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