Tri-City Super Con 2019

I’ve been quiet on social media over the past month, checking in on occasion to try to stay updated. As some of you may know, I have a love/hate relationship with social media that is ongoing, but this time the reason for my absence had to do with a surgery I underwent a little over a month ago. The surgery went well, I’m recovering nicely, and I plan to write about it in a separate blog post.

My energy has returned well enough that I’m preparing for Tri-City Super Con, which is coming up this weekend of September 28th & 29th at Bingeman’s Conference Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. Unfortunately, they didn’t list my name as I’d hoped. You see, I’m sharing a table, so look for me hanging out with Ice Phoenix Art right next to the KFUM Radio near the Main Stage.

I’ll be there with my latest book release, The Starry Rise, the final installment in A Xiinisi Trilogy, along with my other books and prints of cover art. I urge anyone who wants a personally signed copy to come out and see me. After this event, I am scheduled for two more appearances before the year’s end, and you may not see me peddling my books again until later next year due to a really cool project I’m collaborating on. More on that in a separate news post.

For now, enjoy the last of our summer weather as we roll into autumn, my favourite time of the year!

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