We Got the Geek – An Interview

Last week, I had a wonderful time at the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival. Smaller cons are my favourite. They provide a more intimate feel, which makes for quality networking and interaction with attendees and fellow vendors. I had a blast catching up with Jen Frankel, Sarah WaterRaven & Josh, JF Garrard, Beverly & James Bambury, Timothy Carter, Alfonso Espinos, The Becka, Sabrina, Scary Kerry, Gerard and Shelley, and a whole bunch more that I’ve probably missed.

To me a successful con is one where I make a few sales, reconnect with like-minded vendors to discuss our creations and processes, deepen my understanding of the many creative industries, and find opportunities to promote, so I was thrilled to be asked to be interviewed for a podcast by the formidable Sarah WaterRaven. But then, I have a difficult time saying no to Sarah.

So thanks to Sarah and Stew for a fun interview for the We Got the Geek podcast. Hope to do some more in the future!

My interview is here:
Interview – Kit Daven at the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival


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