When It Rains It Pours

Back in my previous post, 2018 Stumbles in Drunk and Disoriented, I mentioned that at the beginning of the year I had come down with a flu. I recently discovered that what I had gotten over was a mild case of pneumonia. Since then, my back has gone out on me, and I’m yet again suffering from another flu that’s hit my sinuses. Hence, the title for this post.

I figure, since the beginning of the year, I’ve lost about a month of time and lot of effing patience dealing with body issues. I assure you, I’m on the mend, my sinuses are clearing up and most days my back is pain free. Still, grrrr! My frustration is warranted. I take super food supplements, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and before my back decided to get all grumpy, I did (and still do) gentle core work every day.

One thing after another keeps pushing back my deadlines on The Starry Rise, and yet I persist. I am not too keen on going into too many details here regarding my process, on account that I had to shift gears with how I work due to my back woes. Just to give you an example, I no longer sit at my desk at all; I only stand now. Before, I did a bit of both.

So where am I at with this book? I’m currently focused fully on entering corrections. I had started entering corrections for the first 18 chapters back in February but stopped to focus on reading the manuscript in full before the end of that month. Since the end of last week, I’ve gone back over those chapters to make a few last minute adjustments and tweaks. As of today, Chapter 15 is finished. In a few more chapters, I’ll be caught up to where I left off.

The story is taking on a more distinct and fleshier shape as the second draft comes together, and it’s interesting to see what the story is becoming. I also look forward to taking some time away from it once the second draft is in the hands of other readers.

So that’s where I’m at these days. As I, yet again, get over my current flu, my energy is returning and my focus is fully dedicated to completing A Xiinisi Trilogy. Stay tuned!

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