Every Day is Halloween

Esther, a high school junior, lives in a changed world ever since last Halloween, when the dead came and stayed. Since then, ghosts and ghouls roam freely, menacing anyone living who isn’t wearing a costume, in particular a skeletal World War I soldier who hangs out at the local cemetery.

Concealing her identity behind a robe and death mask, Esther strives to coexist with the spectral beings and the walking dead while maintaining her connections to her mother and closest friends. But as the weight of concealing her identity takes its toll, the situation grows dire when Esther’s bestie, Rebecca, reaches a breaking point and mysteriously vanishes.

Available to read for free on Regan Macaulay’s 13 Horrifically Silly Days of Halloween blog series…

The Last Rites Edition of Every Day is Halloween,
an expanded, illustrated full-colour print edition.
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