Every Day is Halloween

Once upon a Halloween,
ghouls and ghosts came to play.
The Living, however, proved quite rude,
so the Dead chose to stay.
Now the Dead scare the Living…
into wearing costumes….
Every. Single. Day.
Or else!

Amidst rumours of costumed people being attacked by the Dead, high school junior Esther worries she may never feel safe again. She’s gotten comfortable wearing her skull mask and black robe, even though she feels herself fading away at the edges.

Without a costume, how can she appease Mishu, a black cat who patrols her home street? Or walk safely to school, side-by-side with ghosts from eras past? Then there are the skeletal ghoul soldiers near the local cemetery who love to torment passers-by.

When Esther’s bestie mysteriously disappears, she still can’t ditch her costume. Dressed as Death, will she find out what happened to her friend? And will she ever find the courage to step out of her comfort zone before fading into a mere shadow of herself?

Available to read for free on Regan Macaulay’s 13 Horrifically Silly Days of Halloween blog series…

The Last Rites Edition of Every Day is Halloween,
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