Hi, I’m Kit. I love to write… sometimes. Other times, I love having written.

I am the author of the weird sci-fantasy trilogy that includes The Forgotten Gemstone, The Other Castle, and The Starry Rise. When I’m not writing in the Xiinisi storyverse, I love to write dark shorts. My most recent release is the crime suspense novella The Arrest in Mannequin Row.

I’ve been playing with words since the age of seven, with leanings toward dark fantasy, suspense, the weird, and creepy horror. My all time favourite kind of story is the ghost story. I do have a light side, too. It’s quirky and eclectic.

Most of my stories contain fantastical elements in some manner, often producing fiction that often blends genres. All of my books are clearly labelled, letting you know what you’re getting into before your begin reading.

If you’d like to read samples of my writing, visit Free Reads! Or visit Tapas and read the The Forgotten Gemstone for free.

I’m a slow yet thorough reader, with a preference for dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers. Over the years, I have purged my book collection several times. On one occasion I gave away 20 boxes of books to a friend.

During my early years, I enjoyed formatting and publishing two zines, MagMyr and Pig Literature. Nowadays, I enjoy formatting my own print books and ebooks, and offer ebook formatting services to writers who would rather spend their time writing.

When I’m not writing, I’m involved in other creative projects.

My art was once shown in a gallery in Toronto. (The second show my art appeared in was through House of Scratch, which was hosted by my husband, Sean Chappell, and myself, so that one doesn’t really count.)

I acted once on stage, in Grade 8, and I acted once in a short film called Sidney. Currently, I’m developing games and game-inspired pins with my gaming collective, RAMSTAR Games. We are currently playtesting and promoting our first bee-themed hex tile strategy game, name still to be determined.

In those rare moments of free time, I usually hang out with my husband and two wily cats in the quiet rabbit-covered hills of Hespeler, Ontario.

Have a look around. Enjoy yourself.


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