The Arrest in Mannequin Row

The Arrest in Mannequin Row

Crime · Supernatural · Psychological · Suspense

After Jule Munroe overhears two divers chatting about a lead on fresh trash to scavenge, her compulsions get the best of her, even if it means daring to dive at James Cove. No one boats there. No one swims there either.

She’s heard all the creepy stories about the abandoned town beneath the water, but she’s not afraid. After living on the streets of Edgeport City as a kid, the only monsters she’s ever encountered have been human.

And she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

This first edition is edited by author Sèphera Girón, head of the Ontario Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. Cover design by Kit Daven.

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Reader Reviews

Kit is an incredible author whose descriptive narrative draws you into a world that exists solely in her imagination. With her talent in prose, she pulls the reader along in this most fascinating story about Jule and her experience discovering the truth behind the death of a beloved friend. One of the most compelling scenes is the deep-sea dive and what Jule experiences there. This is a phenomenal story everyone should read.

—Karen Dales, author of The Chosen Chronicles

The prose is lovely, very atmospheric and moody, the characters and setting vividly brought to life. The structure of the story is a bit interesting, as much of it is spent in backstory or flashbacks, and it takes at least half the book before you have an idea of where the story is actually going due to all that backstory woven in. It was all compellingly written, and it all came together in the end, but I couldn’t help feeling at times that it would have been better presented had the whole story been told chronologically, perhaps expanded upon as well. Still, it was an enjoyable, unique, richly written read.

—Catherine Fitzsimmons, author of the Sisters of Chaos Trilogy

Twenty-something Jule is a professional scavenger, sifting through the detritus of the lives of others to make her own living. Scavenging is dog-eat dog, and Jule’s main competitors are a duo she’s nicknamed the Tweedles, Dum and Dee. (Imagine “Storage Wars” on the high seas and you’ll have some idea of the lengths these frenemies will go to for that big score.) Jule has her own business now, but as a young teen she traded an abusive and indifferent home life for life on the streets of Edgeport City, maturing under the watchful eye of beat cop (now Detective) Arthur Warren. There are rumours of a valuable cache in James Cove, but the massive storm that’s brewing won’t keep Jule from the salvage opportunity of a life-time. Daven is adept at dialogue, and the turn of a phrase. (“So many memories today, an undertow of them.”) This is my favourite genre. I hope she writes more in this vein, and look forward to the next missive from Edgeport City.  

—Donna Stewart, Amazon Review