The Other Castle


TOC-cover-72dpi-400pxBook Two in A Xiinisi Trilogy.

True nature is impossible to hide.

In the sequel to The Forgotten Gemstone

As Xiinisi, Ule is a Sentinel-in-training, assigned to protect the world of Elish and keep watch over the demons that roam there. She settles into a comfortable covert existence at Sondshor Castle, where life couldn’t be better. As an Elishian, she’s happily married and has just been promoted to Adept Scribe. When a rare form of election is called by the people of Sondshor, promising to usher in an historic and exciting era,

Ule is poisoned.

Instructed by her Master to leave behind her established life and begin another, she resolves to figure out who murdered her and why, even when she is unexpectedly challenged by the next phase of her training.

Ule must deathmorph into a form she’s never taken before.

Uncomfortable in her new body, she re-immerses herself in the politically charged everyday life within Sondshor Castle and discovers that everyone she knows keeps some part of themselves hidden. Even more surprising, the castle grounds extend much farther than she ever realized, hiding a long forgotten treasure, and clues to the identity of a murderer.

Join Ule as she investigates her own murder, and learns how true nature, no matter how well hidden, reveals itself eventually.


FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, MYSTERY (161,000 words): Some mature thematic content; some violence, coarse language, mild sexual content, and horror elements.

EXCERPTS:  Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3


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The Other Castle caught me completely by surprise with the unexpected turn of events that were executed exquisitely! Lots of mystery and intrigue along with some of the most intense scenes that kept me riveted. Superb ending that left me wanting more, can’t wait for the last book in the trilogy The Starry Rise to be completed. Awesome book!!! —Cheryl Lewis, Amazon Review

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