Spider Spun



Second Expanded Edition

Izzy Idris is unhappily married and suspects her husband and best friend are having an affair. As she deals with her suspicions, Izzy also finds herself battling a spider in the basement laundry room of her house. No matter how often she thinks she kills it, the spider keeps coming back… and every time it returns, it’s bigger than before.

The second edition has undergone a final polish and includes an additional 1,500 words. It is available in digital and print editions. The print edition contains illustrations by Sean Chappell and is only available to purchase directly from the author. For more information, contact Kit directly.





Both stories [The Cannibal’s Handbook and Spider Spun] feature protagonists who have some sympathetic aspects, just enough to keep the reader interested — the old lady is trying to rescue two kids! Izzy is actually the wronged party she thinks she is; she is not simply paranoid! — but both stories are also rather, ah, disturbing. —James Nicoll, excerpt from ‘Eat Me Like a Sacrament’

Four months later I had a spider in my laundry room and it brought me back to Spider Spun as if I had read it yesterday! I never see a spider without thinking about this story, which means to me that the author has an amazing gift to capture and keep the attention of the reader. —Tracy Mercer

If you think spiders are creepy now wait till you read this story. —Leigh-Ann McGarton

I will never kill a spider again!! Move over Stephen King!!! —Jelly Massee

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