The Cannibal’s Handbook

Supernatural · Apocalyptic · Suspense · Horror

In this apocalyptic tale set in a world where the food supply has been destroyed by The Storms, old Laurie imparts her wisdom about her special way of killing cannibals to her young companion.

Oddly she knows quite a bit about the windigo for someone who claims to have never eaten people.

The second edition is edited by Sèphera Girón, author, actress, and head of the Ontario Chapter of the Horror Writers Association. Cover design and illustrations by Kit Daven.

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Reader Reviews

Both stories [The Cannibal’s Handbook and Spider Spun] feature protagonists who have some sympathetic aspects, just enough to keep the reader interested — the old lady is trying to rescue two kids! Izzy is actually the wronged party she thinks she is; she is not simply paranoid! — but both stories are also rather, ah, disturbing.

—James Nicoll, excerpt from Eat Me Like a Sacrament

I wanted to let you know that I just read The Cannibal’s Handbook. WOW!! It is awesome. Your words paint such a clear vision of the bleak world they’re in. 

—Steve McGinnis, author and illustrator of Rise of the Harvester

I’ve read The Cannibal’s Handbook and it is awesome!

—Gord WH