The Starry Rise

A Xiinisi Trilogy: Book Three

Sci-Fantasy · Weird Fantasy · Epic Fantasy · Adventure

In the conclusion to The Forgotten Gemstone & The Other Castle

True nature is impossible to escape.

Ule’s current male form, Ulmaen, is on the verge of deathmorphing when he realizes what he truly must be—a monster. It explains why his kind, the Xiinisi, keep him imprisoned in the world of Elish. Accepting his fate, Ul decides to become a tree demon, only to discover that being a demon has its consequences. After deathmorphing back into a female-looking Elishian, Ul is captured by two bounty hunters and learns that, due to a prison break at Sondshor Castle, Mithreel, the deadliest of demons, walks free.

During Ul’s pursuit of Mithreel, she gains unexpected allies along the way, learns to push beyond the limits of her abilities, but strangest of all, she finds a way out of her own prison. Upon returning to her home world, the realm of Xii, she discovers the Xiinisi are no where to be seen.

As Ul struggles to restore her realm, she is forced to let go of what she thinks she knows about herself and embrace a part of her nature that will assure her place among her kind once and for all.

Join Ul as she pursues a demon and learns she can’t escape the call of her true nature, and undergoes her most authentic transformation of all.

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Reader Reviews

Kit Daven’s trilogy is unique, inspiring and excellently written. Her vision is the most unique I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. If you’re looking for a completely original and well-crafted story, then this is the one to read.

—Karen Dales, author of The Chosen series

As with the two previous installments of the Xiinisi Trilogy, I have to say here that I was impressed the author was willing to attempt such an ambitious story. This one was probably the best of the three, which is a high benchmark to set… without spoilering anything, I can tell you the book wraps up what needs to be wrapped up, answers the questions the earlier books posed, and finished with a satisfying ending that makes me think I’d read a second trilogy if one is ever written. Eleven thumbs up, at least.

—Cameron Currie, Author of Amazon Review

One of the most imaginative and thought provoking fiction novels I have read in a very long time. …through a series of trials and tribulations and successive incarnations, the protagonist (Ule) slowly evolves from an impetuous self-centred child into an all loving and compassionate shepherdess of both her own creations and that of her fellow demigods. While many trilogies tend to fade away by the final novel, the Xiinisi Trilogy bucks that trend by saving the very best for the last. If you like a story with something to say between the lines, then this is the series for you.

—R G Gehue, Amazon Review